Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are essentially tradeable jpegs or gifs. Unlike physical collectables, an NFT owner will not be able to display the asset in their home – except on a screen. They might think they could display it on a website, but this isn’t necessarily the case.

This commissioned project/report for the European Commission explores the IP Implications of the Development of Industrial 3D Printing from a European perspective. The report aims to enhance the European business sector and foster innovation. Through a legal and empirical analysis, involving qualitative data drawn from interviews with 41 industry stakeholders, the findings from the project demonstrates the areas which needed to be addressed – and resolved.

The existing studies aiming to quantify the magnitude and economic impact of illegal IPTV coherently report on the rising trend of unauthorised IPTV proliferation in global markets. This report has been carried out to estimate the number of individuals involved in consumption of unauthorised IPTV as well as to assess the potential revenue generated by copyright infringing IPTV providers.