Authors: Mendis, D., Nordemann, J., Ballardini, R., Brorsen, H., Calatrava Moreno, M.D.C., Robson, J. and Dickens, P.

Pages: 1-255

Publisher: European Commission

Place of Publication: Brussels

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This commissioned project/report for the European Commission explores the IP Implications of the Development of Industrial 3D Printing from a European perspective. The report aims to enhance the European business sector and foster innovation. Through a legal and empirical analysis, involving qualitative data drawn from interviews with 41 industry stakeholders, the findings from the project demonstrates the areas which needed to be addressed – and resolved. Being the first large-scale empirical project of its kind, the report delves into the heart of EU IP regulation and makes policy recommendations for all aspects of IP whilst also providing recommendations for industry.

The report was authored by a team of national and international researchers including a team of academics and practitioners and consisted of Lead Author, Dinusha Mendis together with partners from UK (Julie Robson, Phill Dickinson), Austria (Maria del Carmen Calatrava-Moreno and Alfred Radeur); Finland (Rosa Ballardini); and Germany (Jan Nordemann and Hans Brorsen).

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