3D Printing and Beyond: Intellectual Property and Regulation

The book, which will be presented in two parts, aims to provide an in-depth consideration of the intellectual property implications of 3D printing in Part I, before moving on to a consideration of the legal and intellectual property challenges posed by future and emerging technologies in Part II.

Rewarding the Machine or the (human) Creator? The Rise of AI and Implications for Copyright Law

The theme of the conference was to explore the increasing integration and use of new technologies in the legal world, and the scale of changes to law and the legal profession, creating a ‘Law-Tech Arena’, as part of the Symposium, for key stakeholders to discuss the future of law and legal profession in connection with technological progress.

The Future of Printcrime: Intellectual Property, Innovation Law and 3D Printing

The chapter brings together comparative elements of the challenges for 3D printing from the perspective of IP Laws in UK/EU, USA and Australia.